How to fold double bob stroller

How to fold double bob stroller? Folding a double bob stroller might seem a bit tricky at first, but with some simple steps, you’ll be able to do it easily. A double bob stroller is a special kind of stroller that can carry two children at once. When it’s time to put it away or store it in your car, folding it is important. In this article, you’ll learn how to fold your double bob stroller smoothly, making your life as a parent or caregiver more convenient.”

How to fold double bob stroller?

Here are step-by-step instructions in easy English on how to fold a double Bob stroller:

Step 1: Choose a Safe Spot

Before you start folding your stroller, ensure you’re in a safe location. This means no obstacles in your way and a flat surface to work on. Safety comes first!

Step 2: Engage the Brakes

Make sure that the stroller’s brakes are engaged. This keeps the stroller steady and prevents it from rolling while you fold it.

Step 3: Remove Any Belongings

Take a moment to remove any personal items or your child’s belongings from the stroller. Bags, toys, and other items can make folding more challenging.

Step 4: Lower the Handlebar

Lower the handlebar to its lowest position. This helps in making the stroller more compact when folded.

Step 5: Find the Latch

Look for a latch or lever on the stroller frame, often located near the handlebar. Depending on your stroller’s design, you might need to lift it up or press it down.

Step 6: Collapse the Canopy
If your stroller has a canopy, collapse it to reduce the stroller’s size further. This step may not be applicable to all stroller models.
Step 7: Fold the Seats

In the case of a double Bob stroller, it usually has two seats. To fold it, release one seat at a time. Many strollers have a lever or button to do this, so fold each seat down.

Step 8: Fold the Frame

Once the seats are folded, locate a latch or lever in the middle of the stroller frame. Give it a gentle push or pull, and the stroller will start folding.

Step 9: Secure the Fold

As the stroller begins folding, ensure that it locks in the folded position. Some strollers automatically lock, while others might need you to secure a latch.

Step 10: Check for Stability

Before moving or transporting the folded stroller, double-check that it is stable and won’t unfold. Confirm that all latches and locks are properly engaged.

Step 11: Transport or Store

Now that your double Bob stroller is neatly folded, you can transport it or store it in your car. Ensure it’s stored and won’t move around during your journey.
Always refer to the stroller’s manual for specific folding instructions as different models may have slight variations.
Folding a double Bob stroller doesn’t have to be a challenge. By following these straightforward steps, you can fold your stroller with confidence. You can make it more convenient for your adventures with your children.

Extra Tips for Folding a Double Bob Stroller

Folding a double Bob stroller can sometimes be a bit tricky. But don’t worry! We have some tips and solutions to common issues that might help you fold it with ease.

Stroller Won’t Fold
  • Solution: Make sure you’re in a safe, flat area. Engage the brakes, remove any items from the stroller, and lower the handlebar. You should check for the latch or lever that starts the folding process.
Canopy Won’t Collapse
  • Solution: Not all strollers have canopies that fold. If yours does, check for buttons or levers to collapse it. Refer to your stroller’s manual for specific instructions.
Seats Won’t Fold Down

Solution: For double Bob strollers, the seats should fold individually. Look for levers or buttons on each seat to release and fold them.

Frame Won’t Fold Properly

Solution: If the stroller frame doesn’t fold smoothly, ensure that you’ve engaged the latch or lever on the frame. Double-check for obstructions or items stuck in the way.

Stroller Doesn’t Stay Locked

Solution: If your stroller doesn’t stay locked in the folded position, verify that all latches and locks are securely fastened. Sometimes, it might need an extra push to ensure it stays locked.

Tips for Folding a Double Bob Stroller:
  • Always begin in a safe and flat area, and make sure the brakes are engaged.
  • Remove personal items and your child’s belongings from the stroller to make folding easier.
  • Lower the handlebar to its lowest position for a more compact fold.
  • Consult your stroller’s manual for specific instructions. Do this especially when dealing with features like canopies.
  • Take your time and be gentle when folding the seats and frame to prevent any mishaps.
  • Double-check that everything is securely locked in the folded position for safety.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you fold your double Bob stroller, the easier it will become. If you encounter persistent issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to the stroller’s manufacturer or retailer for extra help. Happy strolling!

Reasons to Fold a Double Bob Stroller

Folding a double Bob stroller can be very useful for parents and caregivers. Here are some simple reasons why folding a double Bob stroller is important:

Save Space: When you’re not using the stroller, folding it makes it much smaller. This way, it takes up less space in your home, car, or storage area.
Easy Transport: A folded stroller is easier to carry and transport. It fits well in your car’s trunk or backseat, so you can take it with you wherever you go.
Convenience: Folding the stroller makes it more manageable. It’s helpful when you need to move through tight spaces, like crowded streets or stores.
Safety: Locking the stroller in its folded position ensures that it won’t accidentally open, keeping your child and others safe.
Storage: Folding allows you to store the stroller neatly when it’s not in use. This keeps it in good condition and ready for your next outing.

Why are Bob strollers so great?

Bob strollers are so great because they offer sturdy, smooth rides for parents and kids. They handle rough terrain well, making outdoor adventures easy. They’re durable, easy to maneuver, and come in various styles, so they fit different needs. These qualities make Bob strollers a top choice for active families.

Can you take a double bob stroller on an airplane?

Taking a double Bob stroller on an airplane can be a bit complicated, but it is possible if you plan carefully. Here’s what you need to know to make perfect decision:
Check with the Airline:
Contact the airline you’ll be flying with and ask about their policies about strollers. Different airlines may have varying rules.
Stroller Size:
Double Bob strollers can be large, and some airlines have size restrictions for strollers that can be taken in the cabin. Make sure to measure your stroller to see if it fits within the allowed dimensions.
Many airlines allow you to bring your stroller to the gate. This means you can use it in the airport until you board the plane. At the gate, airline staff will help you check the stroller before you get on the plane.
Stroller Bag:
To protect your stroller during the flight, consider using a stroller travel bag. This bag will keep your stroller safe from potential damage.
Some airlines may need you to fold the stroller and store it in the overhead compartments. Ensure your double Bob stroller can be folded before the flight.
In-Cabin Storage:
If your stroller fits within the cabin’s size restrictions, you might be able to keep it with you during the flight. But this is less common for large double strollers.
Know the Rules:
Familiarize yourself with the specific airline’s policies well in advance of your trip. This step will help you to avoid any surprises at the airport.
The rules can vary from one airline to another, so it’s important to do your research and plan accordingly. Taking a double Bob stroller on an airplane can be manageable if you prepare and understand the airline’s requirements.

How to unfold double bob stroller?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you on how to unfold a double Bob stroller:

Safe Spot: Find a safe, flat area to unfold your stroller. You need to ensure there are no obstacles in your way.
Brakes Off: Release the stroller’s brakes, so it can move freely.
Secure Belongings: Check that there are no personal items, bags, or toys inside the stroller that might get in the way.
Locate the Latch: Look for a latch or lever on the stroller’s frame, often near the handlebar. This is what you’ll use to unlock and unfold the stroller.
Unlock the Frame: Lift or press the latch to unlock the stroller’s frame. This will allow it to start unfolding.
Unfold the Frame: While holding the latch, start opening the stroller’s frame until it’s extended. Some strollers may automatically click into place when unfolded.
Raise the Handlebar: If your stroller has an adjustable handlebar, raise it to a comfortable height.
Check for Stability: Ensure that all parts of the stroller are securely locked in place. Wiggle it a little to make sure it’s stable and won’t fold back up.
Ready to Use: Once your double Bob stroller is unfolded and stable, it’s ready to use. Place your children in the seats, and you’re all set for your outing.
Always consult your stroller’s manual for specific instructions. Because different stroller models may have variations in their unfolding process. Unfolding your double Bob stroller is essential for making it ready for use, so these steps should help you do it with ease.


Your question was how to fold double bob stroller. Folding a double Bob stroller is a practical skill for parents and caregivers. By following the simple steps we’ve outlined, you can make the process easier and more convenient.
It helps save space, ensures safety, and makes transportation smoother, both at home and on the go. Remember to refer to your stroller’s manual for specific instructions and practice to become more confident with this task.





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